Choosing Outdoor Rattan / Wicker Furniture

by Grace Carrey / Blume Living

Choosing outdoor rattan / wicker  furniture can be a tiresome task but in order to ensure the pieces you are buying will last against the elements, you should check for the furniture’s quality. Using the right materials is crucial for outdoor furniture to withstand the natural elements.

Rattan materials

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is the best material choosing outdoor furniture. HDPE is waterproof, non-toxic, fully recyclable and can withstand UV light / heat and other natural elements.

Avoid fiber made of PVC or Low Density PE, their finishes usually look “plastic”, see below:

plactic looking rattan 1 plactic looking rattan 2


PVC becomes brittle when exposed to sunlight and the rattan will split within 1-2 year of purchase.

Low Density PE is a very soft material, chemicals must be added to harden it before the rattan can be used for weaving. These chemicals normally cannot withstand UV light, so the furniture will have a shorter lift span.





At Blume Living, all our fibers are made of HDPE. Each fiber has gone through a specialised manufacturing process to give its unique finish. Some of our fibers resemble natural materials, for example: Rosewood, Bamboo, Bark, Leather, Cane.

Here are 2 of our most popular rattan. The difference is quite obvious !



Build Quality

Build quality is also an important aspect in choosing a piece of furniture. Rattan weaving should be tight & even especially at corners & joints. It is also important to turn the furniture over to check on the workmanship; you can often see the build quality better from underneath. There shouldn’t be any loose ends of rattan or visible staples.

Frames should be made of aluminum tubes as they are light and won’t rust. A powder coating would also improve the longevity of a piece of furniture as it will protect the metal from the elements.

support lines under chair

support lines under chair


Weight bearing furniture like sofas & chairs, should have “support lines” under seats (as shown here). Without  these “support lines”, the seat will sag when used. They should be made of wicker not metal tube, if they are made of metal, the seat will be uncomfortable to sit on.



Ensuring the furniture you are going to buy is built to a high standard can save you money in the long run. Remember these tips to make sure you are getting the best quality product for your money.

Apart from rattan, many alternative materials are also available at Blume Living,  for example : marine webbing, aluminum, polywood, etc.  If you need suggestion or help in choosing the suitable materials for your need, please contact us at :

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